Bag lifter

  • Big Bag Lifter BBP2000

    Big Bag Lifter BBP2000

    Application - Suitable for transporting bulk bags, easy to handle - Optional stand is available, easy to install, dismantle and…

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  • Big Bag Lifter BBH1000

    Big Bag Lifter BBH1000

    Application - Economical way to handle single bag - Safe working load: 1000Kg - Installation method: Carriage mounted - Unit…

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  • Big Bag Lifter BBF1000

    Big Bag Lifter BBF1000

    应用 - 经济的单袋处理方式。 - 安全工作载荷:1000Kg - 安装方法 :套穿- 单位重量:90.0Kg - 表面处理:喷漆处理  

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  • Big Bag Lifter BBF4

    Big Bag Lifter BBF4

    Application - Suitable for lifting bulk bags by crane or travelling crane - Safe working load: 2000Kg - Unit weight:…

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