Brick Clamp

The brick clamp designed and produced by Longhe Intelligent is suitable for high-efficiency, pallet-free handling, stacking, and loading and unloading of normal temperature, hard, and block goods. With its high performance, long life, and multiple styles, it is widely used in building materials, metallurgy and other industries, especially for the transportation, loading and unloading operations of small red bricks, cement bricks, concrete blocks, and carbon blocks in the construction industry.


The brick clamps produced by LH use laterally moving clamping arms, which enable the goods to be clamped and moved sideways more smoothly. The high strength of the clamping arms and the high abrasion resistance of the wear-resistant blocks greatly improve the safety of the brick clamps during handling operations and the long life of the equipment. In addition, the horizontal swinging of the clamping arm from front to back effectively prevents collapsing and lifting of blocks due to dimensional errors when clamping block units in palletizing.


Aiming at the pain points of forklift handling and loading and unloading operations due to the limitation of the length of the clamp arm, Longhe Intelligent uses a fixed or hydraulic telescopic boom when designing a brick clamp, which can effectively solve the problem that the forklift is equipped with a single brick clamp. Difficulties in the working conditions of the remote and side brick stacks of the kiln car Facing the actual needs of different customers in the brick and tile industry, when designing and producing brick clamps, Longhe Intelligent has different functional modes such as flat clamp type, bell type, side shift type, non-side shift type and telescopic type. It can be selected by customers to meet their actual operation requirements.



1. Durable overall structure, high visibility, easy operating.

2. A rubber plate is used to increase the friction coefficient and securely hold the goods.

3. The balance arm adopts a floating type, which can automatically close to the brick stack to prevent bricks from falling.

4. The design of hydraulic components is reasonable so that the hydraulic system is well protected, long service life.

5. Using aluminum alloy guide grooves to reduce the weight of the product and increase the life of the forklift.

6. The valve body adopts a side-shift pressure reducing valve, which can adjust the pressure and move left and right, which is convenient for operation.

7. The tubing adopts internationally renowned brands, with strong flexibility, resistance to high pressure and high temperature, anti-aging, explosion-proof, and long service life.

8. The valve core is selected from an internationally renowned brand, which has good sealing, pressure retention and stable performance.

9. The sliding support of composite materials is adopted, which is light in weight, high in strength, and good in wear resistance, which effectively protects the guide groove and T-beam.

10. Optional telescopic racks, telescopic racks and brick clamps are our mature products, which have been tested by the market and are convenient and reliable to use.


Longhe Intelligent is committed to solving the problems of logistics and handling. To different applications, we provide multiple kinds of solutions for handling, loading & unloading purposes.

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