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The push-pull designed and produced by Longhe Intelligent is widely used in the handling and stacking operations of non-palletized goods. Unlike forklift handling equipment, which usually requires the use of wood, steel, plastic and other styles to carry pallets, the push-pull can use the paper or plastic slip sheet under the cargo to pull the goods to the push-pull. After the goods are transported to the destination together with the slip sheet, the goods are pushed out to the destination location. The slip sheet can be pushed out of the pusher and puller along with the goods or the slip sheet stays on the push-pull while the goods are pushed away from the push-pull. For the handling or loading operations of some bagged goods or box goods, the use of push-pull (assisted by slip sheet) improves the efficiency of on-site operations, improves the space utilization of containers, and reduces the loss of pallets, transportation and enterprises and the cost of manual loading and unloading. At the same time, with its three characteristics of convenient operation, stable operation and controllable cost, the push-pull has been widely used in petrochemical chemicals, pharmaceuticals, logistics, grain and oil, household appliances and other require palletless (boxes, bags, etc.) handling industry.


According to customer working conditions, the push-pull can be designed to retain the slip sheet (the slip sheet is not pushed away with the goods) or the non-retainable slip sheet (the slip sheet is pushed away with the goods), with side shifting function or without side Shift function, and with voltage stabilization function, etc., to meet the actual operation needs of different customers.


Push-pull technology functions and advantages:

1. The reasonable overall structure, wide field of vision, dexterous and easy to operate.

2. Carry out palletless loading and unloading operations for goods, using low-cost slip sheet pallets to solve pallet storage space.

3. The fork plate is durable and smooth, which can avoid damage to the contact parts of the slip sheet during operation.

4. The reasonable design of hydraulic components make the hydraulic system is well protected and has a long service life.

5. The scientific design of the linkage mechanism of push-pull, with strength, rigidity and synchronization.

6. The whole material is made of high-strength alloy materials, and the key accessories such as oil pipes and valve cores are made of internationally renowned brands.

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