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Monthly Archives: June 2021

Tri-Lateral Head Unit

Streamlined and efficient, three-way in one Longhe Tri lateral head unit is suitable for the forklift front and the left and right sides (low shelf) of the forklift and stacking of pallet goods. It is flexible, safe and efficient. It is a special attachment for fork picking or stacking pallet goods on low shelves.  …
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Telescopic Fork

Freely retractable, safe and reliable Telescopic fork (also called " reach fork"), suitable for fork picking, stacking, loading and unloading operations of pallet goods at the far end of the double-row shelf or on the side of the transportation device. Relying on the characteristics of good performance, high configuration and long service life, it is…
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Hinged Fork

Efficient, convenient, high-quality choice Longhe hinged fork is suitable for transportation, handling and dumping of hopper goods. With the characteristics of good quality, high efficiency and stable performance. It is widely used in recycling, fertilizer, food, construction, and chemical industries, etc. [video width="640" height="368" mp4="http://www.longheglobal.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/倾翻叉1.mp4"][/video] Longhe hinged fork adopts tilting (upward 25°, downward 45°) technology,…
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Fork Clamp

The fork clamps designed and produced by Longhe Intelligent are suitable for cargo handling, stacking and loading and unloading operations on various occasions. With strong functions, stable performance and high efficiency; it is widely used in logistics, automobile, recycling, manufacturing, food and other industries. According to industry needs, the fork clamps are divided into sideshift…
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