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Sideshift is a forklift component that allows the driver to move the fork carrying a heavy load to the left or right during operation of the forklift. While this feature may seem simple, it is essential for forklift operations in tight spaces.

Manufacturers build a number of sideshifts into forklifts to provide extra precision when lifting and lowering heavy loads. If the forklift does not have sideshift, it can be installed as an additional attachment or accessory. If sideshift is added to the forklift as an accessory, it will change the lift capacity rating of the forklift. Sideshift attachments add weight to the forklift to disturb its load center. The change in lift capacity rating means the truck may not be able to carry such a heavy load without the risk of tipping over.

Longhe Forklift sideshift can be used to reposition racks or heavy loads on racks without moving the actual truck. Sideshift can adjust loads in narrow warehouse aisles, and manual lifting can be dangerous. 

Applications of Forklift Sideshifter

● Transfer loads in tight spaces

● Move heavy equipment with greater precision

● Locate cargo when loading and unloading

● Align the truck load with the forklift pallet

Advantages of Forklift Sideshifter

The biggest advantage of the sideshifter is that it can be moved from side to side without moving the forklift. Attachments like sideshifters provide more accurate fork positioning and can reduce fuel consumption by eliminating unnecessary truck movement. In most cases, the sideshifter attachment will provide faster loading and unloading times for everyday tasks because the forks can be transferred directly from the pallet. 

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