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Carton Clamp

Carton clamp is a type of material handling equipment used to secure and lift large cardboard boxes or cartons. It is typically mounted on a forklift or other lifting device, and consists of a clamping mechanism that can be opened and closed to grip the sides of the carton. The clamp is then used to lift and move the carton to a new location, such as onto a pallet or into a truck for transportation. Carton clamps are commonly used in warehouses and distribution centers to help with the handling and movement of packaged goods. They can be used to lift and move a wide range of carton sizes and weights, and are an efficient and safe way to handle large boxes that might be difficult to move manually.

Longhe carton clamp forklift attachment is designed for handling paper products, appliances, consumer electronics, wine and other goods without goods damage and operator injury. Different specifications of forklift carton clamp are available to withstand the various conditions and heavy weight. 

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