Longhe Logo

longhe logo

The graphics are “LongHe” initials “LH” artistic effect. Graphics are made up of three parts: “L”shaped like a fork, symbolizes the logistics field. “H” symbolizes the construction machinery field, shows the development of LongHe, captures the focus of the world as the great wall of China. Red thread symbolizes the fast lane of four covering industry field including forklift attachments, construction machinery attachments, agricultural machinery attachments and vehicle attachments. The logo graphic contains three colors: golden yellow symbolizes the quality pure as the gold, sky blue stand for our product range as vast as the sky, red stand for passion and fortune, heralding the bright future of enterprise prosperity. Logo graphic overall combination can be regarded as Chinese characters “into” and “world”, symbolizing the company in the development of the road to constantly forge ahead to the world, integration of the world, the good will of the world is one family.