Longhe Intelligent Equipment be “Magic Tool” for Polyolefin Loading

On July 24, the terminal material automatic change system developed by Longhe Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd, held a grand ribbon-cutting ceremony at the polyolefin loading platform of Fujian United Petrochemical Co. Ltd.

Fujian United Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Vice President Mr. You Sifu, Mr. Lin Xu, Chairman of Ruisheng Company Mr. Yang Yang, Longhe Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. strategic consultant Mr. Yang Bihai, General Manager Mr. Li Zhongxing and other leaders attended the ceremony.


At 4p.m., the project demonstration site: two container vehicles were waiting to be loaded at loading platform of Fujian Union Petrochemical Polyolefin Yard. The “Magic Tool” developed by Longhe Intelligent appear on the stage, the whole stack of polyolefin products after being removed from the pallet by the terminal material automatic conversion system is orderly loaded into the container, and is delivered to the designated location without exception. In a short time of less than 20 minutes, the loading operation of the 25.5 ton container was successfully completed. All the guests were delighted and impressed!

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The project started since 2016. At the beginning of the cooperation, Fujian Union Petrochemical Polyolefin Business Team, Marketing Department and Ruisheng Company jointly organized an outing to investigate the petrochemical system polyolefin loading method. After investigation and comparison, under the premise of not changing the existing pallet type of the yard and not affecting the normal shipments, several solutions were evaluated and selected, and finally they were decided to choose the terminal material automatic change system solution developed by Longhe Intelligent.


Since taking over the project, Longhe Intelligent has never stopped researching solutions in the field of handling in the petrochemical and other bagging industries. The mission of liberating the labor force has never been forgetten. After the targeted development of the Longhe Intelligent team, repeated experiments, multiple debugging and other stages of efforts, the system completed the preliminary installation and debugging at the end of June 2018, and then entered the trial operation stage, and finally it was officially put into use on July 24.

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Currently, the system has the ability to ship a staggering 2,000 tons per day incremental shipments compared to previous manual operations. The loading time has been reduced from 1 hour to 20 minutes, which greatly improves work efficiency, reduces product damage rate and improves service quality. The whole process basically realizes unmanned operation, which really achieves multi-party cooperation, win-win, sharing and common prosperity. Longhe Intelligent is enthusiastic to provide intelligent handling solutions for customers worldwide. The successful commissioning of Fujian United Petrochemical Company’s polyolefin palletising project is a proud example.


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