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Hydraulic Dock Leveler

- Height-adjustable platform used as a bridge between dock and truck,dock Leveler eradicates the problem of bridging the gap between a truck and the dock/warehouse floor.
- Streamlined hinge design increases welding position by 3 times,extending the life of the dock leveler
- Continuous one-piece headboard system intensifies the strength of the deck’s front structure,strong, durable and ease of maintenance
- Single lip plate design to improve durability
- Multiple models available
- Capacity: 13T,15T,18T
- Height range: up to 300mm adjustable and 300mm down adjustable,height can be customized upon request
- 3 protective panels on the right and left, which can be automatically closed and opened to prevent personnel from inserting feet or foreign objects into the axle.
- Surface treatment: painted finish

Product Video - Hydraulic Dock Leveler: youtube mini logo

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