Mechanical Attachment

  • Filling Rack

    Filling Rack

    This Filling Rack are used largely to store material in a systematic way,an excellent form of warehouse and yard storage.Designed…

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  • Spring Lift Table

    Spring Lift Table

    - It automatically keeps the pallet or stillage load at the optimum working height when loading or unloading goods.The table…

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  • Battery Removal Jib

    Battery Removal Jib

    - 电池处理设计用于快速,安全地拆卸和更换电动叉车中的电池组,简单高效 - 有多个提升点可适用于2或4个提升点电池,外部钩点位于500 x 900mm中心,并且适用于叉车或起重机。 - 提供4个挂钩和电绝缘吊索,可安装在叉车或桥式起重机上 - 安全工作载荷:2000kg - 单位重量:64kg - 叉口尺寸:165x65mm - 表面处理:镀锌表面处理

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  • Heavy Duty Storage Box

    Heavy Duty Storage Box

    - Storage Boxes are available in two sizes and have been designed for the secure handling of heavy weight components/parts…

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  • Concrete Collection Tray

    Concrete Collection Tray

    - Suitable for under the concrete pump to collect spillage washout water and concrete waste.Fitted with 4-way fork pockets and…

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  • Forklift Spreader Beam

    Forklift Spreader Beam

    - Spreader Beam is a unique multitasking Beam which can be used by crane or forklift to lift long loads.The…

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  • Turning Trailer BTS-10-01

    Turning Trailer BTS-10-01

    - Adopt spring lifting structure,easy to use and install;use spring to lift and dump waste and liquid,save manpower.As the volume…

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  • Heavy Duty Crane Bins

    Heavy Duty Crane Bins

    Heavy Duty Crane Bins are heavy load crane and forklift bins suitable for collection and easy disposal of all site…

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  • Drop Bottom Bins

    Drop Bottom Bins

    Application - It is designed for the efficient storage and transfer of all waste materials.This bin is emptied via a…

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