Portfolio Category: Mechanical Attachment

Big Bag Lifter BBH1000

Application - Economical way to handle single bag - Safe working load: 1000Kg - Installation method: Carriage mounted - Unit weight: 68.0Kg - Surface treatment: painted finish Product Video - Big Bag Lifter BBH1000:
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Big Bag Lifter BBF1000

Big Bag Lifter BBH1000 ● Economical way to handle single bag. ● Safe working load: 1000kg ● Installation method: slip-on ● Unit weight: 90.0kg ● Surface treatment: painted finish [video width="720" height="576" flv="http://www.longheglobal.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/布袋搬运器BBF1000.flv"][/video]  
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Big Bag Lifter BBF4

Application - Suitable for lifting bulk bags by crane or travelling crane - Safe working load: 2000Kg - Unit weight: 55.0Kg - Neighbor hooks distance: 1000mm - Surface treatment: painted finish
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