Fork Clamp

The fork clamps designed and produced by Longhe Intelligent are suitable for cargo handling, stacking and loading and unloading operations on various occasions. With strong functions, stable performance and high efficiency; it is widely used in logistics, automobile, recycling, manufacturing, food and other industries. According to industry needs, the fork clamps are divided into sideshift fork clamps and rotating fork clamps.

The sideshifting fork clamp is mainly aimed at various operating situations when there are many types of goods and the number of forklifts is limited. By integrating the functions of side shifting, pitch adjustment, and flat clamp of conventional fork clamps, it is suitable for all kinds of pallet fork picking, fork pitch adjustment, cargo clamping and other attachment operations. In addition, the side-shifting fork clamp can independently carry single and double sets of forks and different forms of clamping shoe covers according to the needs, turning the fork clamp into a special flat clamp type attachment, which is used to fork and carry pallet goods and clamps. Holding block or box goods can greatly increase the utilization rate of forklifts and reduce production costs while meeting customer needs.


The rotating fork clamp designed and developed by Longhe Intelligent adds a rotation function to the design of the side shift fork clamp (single and double set of forks). Not only can the goods be rotated, dumped, and the lateral position fine-tuned, but also can be loaded with different forms of clamping shoe covers according to the needs, and the fork clamps can be turned into special flat clamps, which are used to fork and carry pallet goods and clamping blocks. Shaped or box-shaped goods can improve the utilization rate of forklifts and the flexibility, safety and handling efficiency of forklift operations.



1. Durable overall structure, high visibility and easy operating.

2. Diversified functions, can be crossed or clamped, have a wide range of applications and high efficiency.

3. The aluminum alloy guide groove is adopted to reduce the weight of the product and increase the service life of the forklift.

4. The sliding support of composite material is adopted, which is light in weight, high in strength, and good in wear resistance, which effectively protects the guide groove and T-beam;

5. The valve body is moved sideways, which can be moved left and right, which is convenient for operation.

6. Equipped with a pressure-maintaining valve, which can prevent the cargo from falling off when the forklift oil circuit is depressurized, which is safe and reliable.

7. The design of hydraulic components is reasonable so that the hydraulic system is well protected and has a long life.

8. The tubing adopts internationally renowned brands, with strong flexibility, high pressure and high-temperature resistance, anti-aging, explosion-proof, and long service life.

9. The valve core is selected from internationally well-known brands, with good sealing, pressure holding and stable performance.


Longhe Intelligent is committed to solving the problems of logistics and handling. To different applications, we provide multiple kinds of solutions for handling, loading & unloading purposes.

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