Longhe Intelligent M series Fork Positioner Sideshifting

Enable operator to move forks wider apart or closer together hydraulically. Used to position forks to handle different load size that has different fork entries or width. When equipped with sideshifting function, it enables the forklift to move loads from side to side to ease stacking, loading and unloading of goods. Widely used in auto manufacturing, logistic warehouse, electronics manufacturing, import & export trade, railway transportation, port and other industries.


 ①Focusing and reflecting the functions of the sideshifter;

 ②Guided by the guide bar, positioner smooth;

 ③Use a rigid tube to connect the cylinder, the appearance is clean;

 ④The two pitch adjusting cylinders are designed with different cylinder diameters and good synchronization effect ,there is no need to add additional synchronization valve;.

 ⑤The cargo fork seat with eccentric adjusting block is suitable for the standard cargo fork with different brand specifications and widths at home and abroad.

  Configuration information:

  1. Please contact FLT manufacture for the residual capacity of attachment;

  2. 2 additional hydraulic circuits required;

  3. Side shifting 200mm (+/-100mm);

  4. Opening range refers to the distance between fork’s outer edges;

  5. The max fork length is 1520mm;

  6. Without forks.

Longhe Intelligent is committed to solving logistics handling problems, according to the needs of different application scenarios requirements, provide handling solutions with different functions!

Further technical details are available upon request

Tel: 0597-5639061/ 5639062

Email: sales@longheglobal.com

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