New Pallet Changer TPQ15N-001

The new series of pallet changer TPQ15N-001 is designed to solve the problem of material delivery in the stereoscopic warehouse. It replaces or recovers pallets based on downstream demand, including outgoing shipments that require pallet recovery for pallet-free loading, goods leaving the warehouse need to be loaded on trucks after pallet changes, the outgoing goods can be loaded directly without pallet handling. It is connected with the conveyors of the stereoscopic warehouse through the roller conveyor, with its own hydraulic station and PLC control system to achieve automated functions, to solve the last mile handling problems, applicable to the chemical industry, food and other bagging industry, especially for assembly line goods, while the goods can not be inverted but can be clamped pallet replacement and recovery.

Compared with ordinary pallet changer, the new series of pallet changer have the following characteristics:

(1) Three modes of shipment can be carried out with strong applicability.

(2) Adopt scissor-frame type clamping mechanism to design the clamping arm with minimum space.

3) The side stopper is used to push out and recycle the tray.

4) The pallet clamping mechanism is cylinder type, suitable for different types of pallets.

This product has been patented, including: one utility model patent has been authorized, and one invention patent has been published.

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