Paper Roll Clamp

Mainly applied in handling, stacking, loading or unloading kinds paper rolls at site. Pivot arm design with 360° rotating function enable the paper roll clamp to handle rolls that is both placed vertically or horizontally. Found in paper mills, logistics warehouses, printers, news-paper publishers, converters or steel pipe, and any industries that handles paper rolls or rolls. With features of reduce the possibilities of distortion or damaging to loads while handling, lower running costs, safety and high production efficiency.


In view of the diversity of customers and the different requirements of specific operations, paper roll clamp can be configured with other different functional options in addition to the inherent clamping function. Such as fixed angle rotation (+/-180°), short arm adjustable type (adjustable) and non-adjustable short arm type (fixed), metal (casting, welding) splint and rubber splint, pressure regulating valve, sound and light signal warning device, etc.



1. Reasonable overall structure, broad vision, flexible and easy to operate.

2. The thin clamping arm has a smooth surface and small thickness, which greatly reduces the possibility of paper roll damage when the clamping plate enters the paper roll room, making it easier to work on paper rolls in small spaces such as containers.

3. Contact pads with integral casting structure, abrasion resistance, long service life.

4. The design of hydraulic components is reasonable, and each sealing component adopts international famous brands, with stable performance and long service life.

5. Bidirectional 360° continuous rotation function, self-locking function at any angle position.

6. The hydraulic motor and hydraulic lock are internationally famous brands with stable quality, good sealing performance and stable performance.

7. Clamp arm oil cylinder seals and hydraulically-controlled one-way valve are of internationally well-known brands with stable quality, which ensures that the clamping force of the paper roll when the components in the hydraulic pipeline fail or are damaged due to various reasons will not disappear, the paper roll will not fall and cause a safety accident.

8. The tubing is selected from international famous brand with strong flexibility and long service life.

Longhe Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Co., ltd is committed to solving the problem of logistics and handling, and provides handling and loading solutions with different functions for different application scenarios!

* Further technical details are available upon request.

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