360° two-way continuous free rotation

The E series rotator designed and produced by Longhe Intelligent is suitable for the rotation and dumping of goods or containers at different angles. It has the characteristics of high configuration, good performance and long service life. It is widely used in mechanical processing, data recovery, smelting and casting, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, etc.

Aiming at the limitations of forklifts’ fixed-angle operation, the E series rotator is equipped with a hydraulic drive function, which can not only perform 360° continuous rotation of the goods, but also according to the different needs of customers, the rotator can be designed into Special rotation angles such as 180°, 270°, etc., reduce the difficulty  operation by personnel and break down the possibility of cargo damage. In addition, the rotator produced by Longhe Intelligent can also independently choose to match the side shift function device according to the operation requirements. Through the adjustment of the horizontal position of the rotating dump (container) by the forklift, the smoothness, safety and efficiency of the forklift operation are greatly improved.


When designing the rotator, according to the particularity of the industry and the needs of the current operating environment, the rotator is designed into various types such as ordinary type, casting type, and fishery type. It is suitable for operations with various requirements such as ordinary routine, high temperature, high dust, high salt, high humidity, etc., reduces the damage to the hydraulic system accessories and product surface of the rotator by various factors at the job site, and ensures the normal operation and service life of the product. When facing the environment with special hazardous substances such as flammable gas, explosives, dust, etc., the rotator can be converted into a special explosion-proof product to ensure that the work can be carried out safely and stably.



1. Durable overall structure, high visibility, easy operating and improve work efficiency;

2. The beam has multiple notches, and the forks can be adjusted according to the width of the goods;

3. The eccentric design of the fork limit block is suitable for forks of different widths at home and abroad;

4. Bidirectional 360° continuous rotation function, self-locking functions at any angle position;

5. Provide a safety device to prevent the replacement of goods when the forklift oil circuit is depressurized, which is safe and reliable;

6. Both hydraulic motors and hydraulic locks adopt internationally renowned brands, with stable quality and stable performance;

7. The design of hydraulic components is reasonable so that the hydraulic system is well protected and has a long service life;

8. The sealing components adopt internationally renowned brands, which are resistant to high pressure, high temperature, anti-aging, explosion-proof, and long service life.


Longhe Intelligent is committed to solving the problems of logistics and handling. To different applications, we provide multiple kinds of solutions for handling, loading & unloading purposes.

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