Steel Pipe Clamp

Flexible clamping, safe and reliable

Steel pipe clamp can efficiently handle and stack hard, long cylindrical products like pipes under normal temperature without a pallet. With its flexible, safe and efficient characteristics, it is widely used in construction, Logistics, warehousing and other industries, especially suitable for the loading and unloading of steel pipes.

Aiming at the difficulty of smooth steel pipe, easy slipping and difficult clamping, Longhe Intelligent adopts functions such as tilting (40° forward, 6° backward) and voltage stabilization when designing and producing steel pipe clamps, which greatly improves the flexibility of forklift operations, safety and handling efficiency.


Based on the basic performance of ordinary steel pipe clamps, Longhe can also tailor the specific parameters of the clamp arm according to the actual requirements of customers. Longhe steel pipe clamp arm curve fits the cargo, which can be adapted to the clamping of different pipe diameters and cargo heights. The floating structure of the small swing arm design at the front end ensures that the small swing arm can be used for different arm sizes within a certain range. Prevent the goods from falling, realize safe and efficient handling, and truly meet the needs of customers.


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1. Durable overall structure, good stability, dexterous movement, high visibility and easy operating.

2. It adopts an all-steel overall frame with high strength, which can meet the needs of users for high-strength operations.

3. The connecting parts are made of alloy materials for durability.

4. The hydraulic components are reasonably configured so that the hydraulic system is well protected and long service life.

5. Safe and efficient use, stable and reliable tipping and clamping speed, convenient and simple maintenance.

6. The steel pipe clamp can safely and efficiently carry and clamp pipe materials.


Longhe Intelligent is committed to solving the problems of logistics and handling. To different applications, we provide multiple kinds of solutions for handling, loading & unloading purposes.

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