The New Longhe Hydraulic Drum Handler

The hydraulic drum Handler is one of the important tools in drum handling process, which is simple and convenient. It is mounted on the forklift and connected to the hydraulic oil circuit to realize the function of clamping and tipping. It is suitable for the turn-around transportation of oil drums in petroleum factories, docks, ports, warehouses, etc. The use of hydraulic drum handler is an important and simple means to improve economic efficiency.

Compared with ordinary types, hydraulic drum Handler has the following characteristics:

(1) Easy operation: hydraulic drum handler is controlled by hydraulic system, which is easy to operate without manual assistance.

(2) Low manufacturing costs.

(3) Simple structure, easy maintenance and low maintenance costs.

(4) High working efficiency: It can clamp multiple drums at the same time, replace manual by hydraulic system, and realize the laying and stacking of drums vertically with the tipping function, which is much more efficient than ordinary drum handler

This product has been patented, including: one utility model patent has been authorized and one invention patent has been published.

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