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How Do I Choose the Right Fork Positioner?

Dec. 28, 2022

Longhe offers a wide range of fork positioners to suit your needs as closely as possible. But how do you know which models are best for you? With this three-step plan, we explain the basic choices you need to make to find the most suitable fork positioner.


1. Determine the lifting capacity required

Depending on the industry you work in, forklift trucks will primarily lift light or heavy loads. For standard warehouse use, a normal capacity of 2.5 to 3.5 tonnes will be sufficient. However, if you are in the construction or metal industry, then the minimum lifting capacity required for a forklift truck will quickly rise to 6 or even 8 tonnes.


2. Determining the strength

Not only do you need to know how heavy the loads are, but you also need to know how long the forklift will be required to haul these loads. A maximum of 8 hours of activity per day is considered normal use. If your forklift truck is only used for one shift a day, then you are in this category. If it performs multiple shifts a day, then your forklift is being used intensively.

Fork Positioner Sideshifting M Series

 Fork Positioner Sideshifting M Series

3. Determine the mounting method

Based on your answers to the first two questions, you can get an idea of where your forklift's functionality lies in the balance between lifting capacity and strength. Depending on how robust your forklift truck needs to be, you can now choose the appropriate mounting method: the heavier the load the forklift truck must lift and the more frequently the load is loaded, the more firmly the forklift positioner must be mounted to the forklift.


For heavy-duty use (up to 16 hours a day), it is best to opt for pin-mounted fork carriers or pin-type forks. Pin-mounted fork carriers are literally ‘suspended over the pin’. A popular example is the PFA model, which can handle particularly heavy loads. In addition, you can also select pin-type forks. These are equipped with rings that you can slide over the provided bar on the mast.


You can of course also choose fork positioners that are already integrated into the mast. These then form a single unit and are the most powerful solution regarding heavy duty applications. Please note that in the event of wear and tear, replacement costs will be higher as you will need to replace the entire unit and not just the fork positioner. Integrated fork positioners are only available on request as they have to meet the very specific requirements of the mast function.


Something for everyone

Do you have any other specific requirements for the fork positioner? We offer a wide range of additional options.


with side shifters

with 360° swivel function

with an extra wide opening


Do you want to weld forks? No problem at all. Do you need a completely customized fork positioner? Even so, we can supply you with one. Provide us with the required criteria and we will be happy to help you.