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Types of Forklift Attachments

Dec. 15, 2022

When does a forklift overtake a forklift? When it has attachments. Attachments make your forklift truck more efficient and versatile when handling unique material handling products. Attachments allow the forklift to push, pull, clamp, lift, shift sideways, and rotate any load imaginable. Let's take a closer look at choosing a forklift attachment and what options are available there.


The benefits of forklift attachments are numerous, but their success depends on your industry and the type of work you do. The following are some of the most common forklift attachments and their applications.


Bale clamps: As you might expect, bale clamps allow you to handle bale products without the use of pallets. For example, think of materials such as hay, cotton and wool. You may find these clamps useful in agricultural and manufacturing environments.

Enhanced Bale Clamp

Enhanced Bale Clamp

Carton clamps: Carton clamps allow forklift trucks to pick up unpalletized containers, such as cartons or product boxes or large appliances.


Fork positioner: With the fork positioner you can adjust the distance between the two forks to easily cope with a wide range of pallet sizes. These attachments are common in the distribution, warehousing and food manufacturing industries.


Fork clamp: The fork clamp sits between the fork positioner and the clamps. It grips awkwardly shaped loads and positions the tines.


Paper roll clamps: Paper roll clamps are specialized attachments that allow paper manufacturers and printers to handle rolls without damaging the material.


Bar arm clamp: Bar arm clamps are popular when working with textiles. Rolls of cloth fit onto the bar arms, which are available in varying lengths and sizes.

Telescopic Fork

 Telescopic Fork

Push-pull clamps: Push-pull clamps allow you to avoid the use of pallets. By replacing the pallet with a sliding plate that slides onto the push-pull clamps, you can reduce transport costs and speed up product movement. Beverage and food production are a few industries where this type of attachment is common.


Fork rotators: Fork rotators allow the forks to be turned in order to dump loads into other containers. This application is common in industries such as waste and recycling, food and beverage processing and agriculture.


Factors to consider when choosing forklift attachments

When choosing forklift truck attachments you need to bear in mind the following points.



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