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Tissue Paper Roll Clamp

As a professional Paper Roll Clamp Supplier, Longhe Attachment offers different types of Paper Roll Clamp to be widely applied in handling, stacking, loading or unloading kinds paper rolls at site. Pivot arm design with 360° rotating function enables the paper roll clamp to handle rolls that is both placed vertically or horizontally.

Paper Roll Clamp

A paper roll clamp is a mechanical device used to hold and secure a roll of paper, cardboard, or other flexible material. It is typically used in the printing, packaging, and paper handling industries, as well as in warehouses and distribution centers where rolls of material are stored or transported.

The clamp consists of two arms that are mounted on a base, which is usually mounted on a forklift or other material handling equipment. The arms are designed to grip the sides of the roll of material and hold it in place as it is being moved or stored. Some paper roll clamps also have additional features, such as a hydraulic mechanism for adjusting the clamping force or a rotational device for turning the roll as it is being moved.

Paper roll clamps are an important tool in the handling and storage of large rolls of paper and other materials, as they allow for efficient movement and handling without damaging the roll or the material contained within it.

Paper Roll Clamp Supplier

The paper roll clamp attachment is commonly used in the paper handling industry. This attachment is suitable for different types of machines. In addition to forklift paper roll clamps, we also sell the paper roll clamp attachment for telehandlers and skid steer loaders. Get help to find the right one

Features of Paper Roll Clamp Supplier

● Rational designed, compact structure, excellent driver visibility, easy operating, improve work efficiency.

● Thin arm profile and smooth arm contour eases roll breakout.

● Contact pads with integral casting structure, abrasion resistance, long service life. Contact pads surface reasonable, provide the best clamping friction.

● Continuous 360° rotation, any angle position of lock function, revolving positing 90° or 180°.

● Hydraulic retention of cylinder valves is to ensure reliable clamping of long distance transportation.

Benefits of Paper Roll Clamp

Paper roll clamps are used in the handling and transportation of large rolls of paper, such as those used in the printing and packaging industries. There are several benefits to using a paper roll clamp:

Improved safety: A paper roll clamp allows operators to securely handle and transport large, heavy rolls of paper without the risk of injury.

Enhanced efficiency: A tissue paper roll clamp allows operators to easily and quickly load and unload rolls of paper, increasing the speed and efficiency of the handling process.

Reduced damage: Using a paper roll clamp can help reduce damage to rolls of paper during handling and transportation, as it allows them to be securely held in place and prevents them from shifting or falling.

Increased control: A paper roll clamp provides operators with greater control over the handling and transportation of large rolls of paper, allowing them to carefully maneuver the rolls into place and prevent them from tipping or falling over.

Overall, paper roll clamps can help improve safety, efficiency, and control in the handling and transportation of large rolls of paper.

Application of Paper Roll Clamp Supplier

The paper roll clamp from Longhe is designed for mills, warehouses, printers, newspaper publishers and converters, and etc.. View More Application Case

Paper Manufacturing: In paper mills, the safe and efficient movement of large paper rolls is crucial. Longhe’s paper roll clamps ensure that rolls are handled with care, preventing damage and reducing waste. The use of a paper roll clamp forklift can significantly enhance operational efficiency in paper manufacturing.

Printing Industry: Printing companies benefit from the precise control and secure handling of paper rolls, enabling seamless production processes and high-quality print outputs. The roll clamp technology provides stability, and using a forklift paper roll clamp ensures the rolls are moved without any damage, maintaining the integrity of the print materials.

Packaging: In packaging facilities, our clamp paper solutions streamline the process of transporting and storing paper rolls, improving overall operational efficiency. By utilizing a roll clamp forklift, companies can handle large volumes of paper rolls with ease, optimizing their workflow.

Warehousing and Logistics: For warehouses and logistics companies, Longhe’s forklift clamp enhances storage and retrieval processes, facilitating better space utilization and faster turnaround times. The integration of a paper clamp forklift into operations ensures that paper rolls are moved safely and efficiently. Using a paper roll clamp forklift can make a significant difference in productivity and safety in warehousing environments

Longhe Attachment is a professional tissue paper roll clamp supplier in China, offering various paper roll clamp for forklift attachment in different production line to reduce the overall cost and increase the working efficiency. Welcome to contact us to get free quotatio or more detailed information of tissue paper roll clamp.

Paper Roll Clamp Supplier

Paper Roll Clamp Technical Information

Specification of Paper Roll Clamp


Load Center



Pad Size


Long Arm


Center of
Center of

5000@600ZJJ50D-D011RB1200-2500A500x12002276 1741 104 4711850230574

Hydraulic Flow and Pressure
ModelPressure (Bar)Hydraulic Flow (L/min)

Rotating Specification
ModelRotating SpeedRotating Torque


1. Please contact FLT manufacture for the residual capacity of attachment

2. 2 additional hydraulic circuits required

3. Type“A”fixed short arms, Type“B”adjustable short arms

4. Pad Length fot Type RA-900mm, RB-1200mm, RC-1500mm and RD-1800mm

5. Non-Standard Type pad requested with different rolls

* Further technical details are available upon request.

About Paper Roll Clamp Supplier

Longhe would like to offer any professional assistance as a professional paper roll clamp supplier. If you need paper roll clamp for your project or business, please trust us. We will convince you with our profession on the quality and service of paper roll clamp. Feel free to contact us to get free quotation of paper roll clamp at any time.


Paper Roll Clamp Supplier