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7 Types of Tractor Implements and Attachments

May. 23, 2024

Choosing the right attachments and implements can make work less laborious, faster, and more efficient. However, with so many types of tractor implements and attachments available, you might not know what to purchase. This article will help you understand what you might need on your farm.


Tractors can power or pull implements in three different ways:


1. Drawbar: A sturdy steel rod used to pull things that don’t require lifting, such as trailers.


2. Hitch: Typically attaches an implement in three places—a central link and two hydraulically powered lift arms. The arms are used to lower and raise implements when needed. With three points of attachment, the implement maintains stability.


3. Power Take-Off (PTO): A shaft that transfers power between the tractor and the implement.


To learn about the different implements and attachments you can use, keep reading!


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A backhoe attachment is useful for both landscaping and farming, making it one of the most versatile implements you can purchase. Aside from digging, it can haul and relocate materials. A backhoe is beneficial for moving heavy stones, digging out stumps, hauling hay, excavating, and more. You can use this attachment to dig large holes for anchor posts.




A bed former is essential for creating well-drained and protected areas for growing crops. This tractor implement tills the soil and divides the field into two parts: the bed (the raised portion where crops are planted) and the lateral tracks (needed for water downflow). Different bed former designs are available to suit various soil types.


Front Dozer


A bulldozer is known as a powerful demolition and pushing tool in construction and mining projects, primarily used for earth moving. When attached to a tractor, a front dozer becomes useful for pushing large quantities of soil, sand, and other ground materials on your farm. It is also beneficial for removing trees, stumps, and boulders.




A furrow is a trench made on the soil surface, typically used for placing seeds and fertilizer before covering them up. Furrows not only create a tidier and more symmetrical appearance but also make weeding easier and provide enough space for plants to grow. Crops such as corn and lettuce are often planted in furrows.


Traditionally, furrows were made using a hand hoe, but today, most farmers use a furrower attached to a tractor to produce long furrows across a field efficiently.




Manually harvesting crops can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, requiring numerous people to complete hectares of land. Fortunately, various harvesting implements can be attached to tractors, making the process much more efficient. These attachments are particularly useful if you frequently harvest specific types of crops. At Ford Tractor, for instance, you can find cassava, corn, and forage harvesters.


Using a harvesting attachment allows you to harvest crops at the optimal time, enabling timely sowing of the next crop and reducing labor costs significantly.




To make planting more efficient, consider investing in a planter implement. Typically pulled behind a tractor, a planter sows seeds at the proper row width, ensuring evenly spaced crops that can grow and thrive. Planters come in various sizes and row configurations, with the corn planter being a common example.




Trailers are essential for farm operations, primarily used to transport hay, harvested goods, fertilizers, feed, and small equipment from one location to another. Available in a wide range of sizes and materials, trailers can be easily pulled by tractors. However, it's important not to overload the trailer and to maintain consistent speeds while transporting goods to ensure safety and efficiency.


Key Takeaway


Agriculture implements and attachments significantly enhance a tractor's versatility and utility, making it an invaluable piece of agricultural machinery. With a wide range of options available, your farm tasks will become easier, faster, and less tiring.


In addition to the implements and attachments mentioned above, there are many more types available that can further simplify your farm work and improve efficiency.

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