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What Are the Benefits of Pallet Inverters?

Nov. 15, 2022

Do you want to move or store pallets in your factory or warehouse? Perhaps investing in a pallet inverter is right for you. Pallet inverters can save you money on damaged goods, labour and pallet costs, and can keep items in your factory or warehouse efficient, organised and more productive.


A pallet inverter is a device used to transfer pallets when loading supplies. The main reasons for wanting to rotate pallets are varied, but generally, the main reason is the need to quickly replace a damaged or incorrectly placed pallet, rather than stacking the entire load on another pallet. While rotating pallets manually can be a tedious and time-consuming task, rotating pallet inverters can do this quickly.


Benefits of pallet inverters

If you are moving or storing pallets in your factory or warehouse, it is in your best interests to invest in a quality pallet inverter. Choosing the best solution for your needs can make your operation more cost effective and efficient. The pallet tipper safely and carefully lifts, tilts or flips your products, which directly reduces product damage and workplace injuries, as well as other pallet and labour costs. This machine is an integral part of keeping your workspace organised and maximising efficiency.

Pallet Changer D Series

 Pallet Changer D Series

A pallet reverser is a multifunctional machine

The pallet inverter is highly specialised and the machine achieves its intended purpose very reliably. With the speed of the pallet inverter, your workers will thank you for making their work easier. In addition, the pallet inverter makes better use of warehouse space, as damaged goods are often stacked up waiting for someone with time to re-stack them. The inverter doubles as a load straightener, as improperly stacked or tilted loads can often be levelled in the inverter to improve safety. Transferring raw materials to hygienic plastic pallets for internal use becomes a breeze, and restoring damaged or broken pallets that could pose a hazard to the racking system becomes efficient.


A valuable investment

Although the initial investment in a pallet inverter may seem expensive, the benefits outweigh the costs. The money you save from streamlining labour costs, reducing product damage and avoiding workplace injuries in the big picture will pay for the machine itself. Most importantly, using a pallet inverter increases the efficiency of your business and can fully justify the return on your investment.

Load Inverter 90° Rotate A Series

 Load Inverter 90° Rotate A Series

Less manpower required

Large machines do the hard, laborious work for you, which means less manpower is required, more time is saved and the trained personnel within your organisation are more capable of doing skilled work that requires manual attention. In addition, if you change pallets frequently, pallet inverters can help reduce costs by keeping the number of pallets for hire to a minimum.


Preventing product damage

If forklifts are not used properly, they can damage goods and the pallets that carry them. In fact, most costs occur when pallets are damaged during transport due to mishandling or forklifts moving from one location to another. Pallet inverters allow pallets to be moved, stored and stacked more efficiently, with higher stacking potential and less hassle - and with little to no damage to the goods.


All-in-one solution

Pallet inverters are also ideal for operations that require frequent rotation of large quantities of product during or after production. Instead of rotating individual boxes at a time, the machine can rotate multiple quantities at once. You also gain versatility thanks to the pallet inverter's ability to switch from handling one pallet type to another. The pallet handling process eliminates the need for different equipment - an all-in-one deal when you invest in a pallet inverter.


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